PDX Pastries

A baker's dozen from Two Tarts Bakery

A baker's dozen from Two Tarts Bakery

I’m a blogging fool. And as a tribute to my dear friend Kyna, a fiend for all things candy related, I thought I would recommend a few bakeries in Portland that also boast websites that ship products anywhere in the country.

We just went to Two Tarts Bakery, near 23rd and Kearney. It is a delightful light shop that sells delicious little cookies – peanut butter cremes, macaroons, shortbread, etc. I spoke with a woman at the shop who said anyone can order their cookies, so long as they have two days notice before shipping the order.

Cacao in the West End offers the most unbelievable hot chocolate, including rare dark and spicy drinking chocolate and frothy milk chocolate varieties. Their website promises online sales to be available soon. This is the type of store that if Kyna or any chocolate addict were to enter, would faint immediately from the shock of the bounty in front of them.

Another sweets shop, Moonstruck Chocolatier, offers more variety of candy bars, cocoa and truffles. I think my favorite is the pig in the pen. Shipping is available, but varies depending on the season.

Voodoo Donuts is a Portland institution. Their donuts are good, not amazing, but the ridiculous concoctions they create are worth visiting the store or at least perusing the website. You can’t order donuts online, but you can purchase clothing items emblazoned with plenty of innuendos.

The caffeine from my recently imbibed latte is wearing off and writing about pastries is making me want to consume the surviving cookies from our visit to Two Tarts.

Am off to give myself sugar shock, will write more tomorrow.


2 responses to “PDX Pastries

  1. Couldn’t wait – had to read, and now I want chocolate and cookies and macaroons and a latte to wash it all down with. Love you!

  2. Now this is worth knowing about. Good to hear there is plenty of food for us non-vegetarians in Portland.

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