German Jam

Yesterday we visited the farmers’ market and I greedily purchased two pints of gooseberries, completely floored to see them anywhere outside of Germany. However, upon returing home I realized the berries were underripe and far too sour to be consumed in their current state. A quick consulting email to my culinary muse, ze German aunt, and the fruit was saved with a quick jam recipe.


The final product.
The final product.

Gooseberry Jam
2 pints gooseberries or any other berries
1 cup sugar
1 package pectin, like Sure-Jell
1/2 cup water
1 glass jar

Wash and clean the fruit, removing any leaves and stems. Pat the fruit dry with a kitchen towel. Place the berries, sugar, pectin and water in a large pot over high heat. Bring the contents to a rolling boil, stirring often. Let the mixture boil for four to five minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and transfer the jam to the glass jar. Immediately seal the jar and let it cool before refrigerating. Enjoy the jam with french bread or German style pancakes.

A side note, Canoe in Portland has great jars, which I used for this recipe. They are also perfect for holding all kinds of random household items.


One response to “German Jam

  1. These Weck glass jars are a classic. The verb “einwecken” meaning “to preserve or to can” is derived from these jars. Your grandmother used them all the time.

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