Laurelwood Public House – Good Food, Great Beer

Laurelwood's Hop Monkey IPA

Laurelwood's Hop Monkey IPA

Twice in the past four days we have made our way over to Laurelwood’s Public House on Kearney Street near NW 23rd Ave. Today the occasion was watching the incredible Confederations Cup semi-final between the United States and Spain. I won’t get into details about the game, but it made the experience that much better today.

Laurelwood is quite a nice surprise as it fills a house built in 1902 on two floors as well as having a large seating area outside on the porch and sidewalk. The top floor is a family-friendly area including a play-area for little kids. The main dining area includes a bar and a number of tables with nice, wood flooring. Unlike some of the other brew pubs in town (Bridgeport and Deschutes come to mind), Laurelwood is small, somewhat loud and very inviting.

Much more importantly, the food and beer are worth the visit. Between large hamburgers, a truly fantastic veggie burger, sandwiches, garlic fries and many other choices, Laurelwood’s food is very good. And compared to the rest of NW 23rd, the prices are about what you’d expect. Not cheap but not insultingly expensive either. The portions are large and in both meals we left completely satisfied and contentedly full.

On the beer front, there are several choices. Laurelwood brews their own beer so you will not find Bud Light on the menu. Their best offerings, at least in my opinion, are the Workhorse IPA and the Hop Monkey IPA (pictured). These brews are definitely hoppy but are not too bitter and have a nice, rich color and head. For those less interested in the hops, the Mother Lode Golden Ale is a fine choice and better than most other lighter ales around.

So if you’re on NW 23rd and don’t know where to grab a bite or get a drink, check out Laurelwood. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be supporting a local company that uses local, organic products in all of their offerings.


3 responses to “Laurelwood Public House – Good Food, Great Beer

  1. This goes on the list for when the Germans visit….

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