Oh Bleuet


Since moving to PDX approximately a month ago, Mao and I have frequented Bleuet about three to four times a week. The addiction is so severe that until this evening I have not been able to photograph any yogurt purchased at the shop as most had been consumed during the two block walk back to our apartment. I had some restraint today and thus a quick review of Bleuet.

Frozen yogurt was not a phenomenon I had much experience with before moving to the West Coast. I slightly remember it as a fad in the eighties and when living in Caracas in the nineties, I often visited Yogen Früz with my mother. I also thought only those living in Los Angeles held a high regard for frozen yogurt anymore, mainly for caloric sake. I was so wrong. Frozen, tart yogurt with numerous seasonal toppings – amazing! I have sacrificed myself for the good of the community and sampled different yogurt places in our neighborhood.

Skinnidip, on Burnside and another in the Pearl, is an option. It has a bit too much of an L.A. hipster vibe for me, but offers good yogurt and impressive toppings – like lychees, mochi, Cap’n Crunch to name a few. Though I haven’t visited the actual shop, which I’ve heard great things about, I have sampled many pints of Active Culture’s yogurt provided by the freezer section of Food Front. This brings me to my beloved Bleuet. It’s a self-proclaimed European yogurt boutique. Sounds pretentious, but it isn’t in the least. It’s a serene environment on a less an impressive section of NW 23rd. They have rotating flavors and toppings. I am an original tart kind of a gal, but other options include: honey, blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon vanilla and peach. As far as toppings go they range from fresh cherries, kiwis, berries to various granolas, candied almonds, flax seeds and chocolate chips. It’s not cheap, but it’s good, local food that’s healthy-leaning and most importantly a short walk from our abode.

Bleuet yogurt with blackberries and chocolate chips.

Bleuet yogurt with blackberries and chocolate chips.


One response to “Oh Bleuet

  1. It will take many, many tastings to make sure this can measure up to Yogen Fruz. Many, many, many tastings, but woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do…

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