The Car is Back

Almost four weeks ago our car was hit in a drunk-driving accident on NW Kearney Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues. Because the car was around the corner and because we almost never drive it, we didn’t notice for three days. But eventually, this is what we found:




Not the world’s worst accident, but certainly the car was not drivable. The rear axle was damaged, the tire destroyed and the fenders banged up pretty good. Thankfully the guy had Progressive insurance and they did a great job handling everything we needed. We drove a Ford Focus rental for the past three weeks and today we picked up the completely redone car. Looks as good as I’ve ever seen it. Only thing missing is one of the hubcaps. They forgot to put it back on at the shop before driving it over to the customer service center and they’re mailing it to us. So, here’s how we came out:






One response to “The Car is Back

  1. Oh wie schoen ist Euer Passat! Glad your wheels are back and better than ever.

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