Enonomo and Waffles


Mike Economo and his girlfriend Danielle were in town this weekend. They stayed for part of their trip on North Mississippi and while there tried FlavourSpot. I was completely jealous of their ability to dine on all things waffled. Upon hearing of their venture to this famous food cart I forced Eck to relay what exactly they ate so I could eat vicariously through them. Eck, the glutton, had two waffles – ham and cheddar cheese and the lemon pie, overflowing with lemon curd and whipped cream. The more reserved Danielle had the classic maple pecan. I am told they were all delicious.

With the arrival of the infamous Darsey Culpepper to PDX over the weekend and now the newest resident in the North Mississippi, we have an excuse to venture over to FlavourSpot, Moxie Rx and the soon to be food cart filled Mississippi Marketplace.


One response to “Enonomo and Waffles

  1. I look at the picture and all I can think is “Wow, that is one good-looking guy!”

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