Oh Idom


I have many obsessions in this city and I have discussed many of the culinary persuasion, but I also adore the fashion of Portland. And no shop has impressed me as much as Idom, on NW 23rd Avenue near Kearney. I support local farmers, avoid chain restaurants and seek out community activities, but I am not as familiar with PDX based designers, until now. Modi Soondarotok, a native of Thailand now based in Portland, opened Idom to showcase her designs as well as other collections. She emphasizes sustainable fabrics and craftsmanship, often sending items to be handmade back to Thailand where she pays fair wages to seamstresses. Her designs are simultaneously timeless and unique. Modi also keeps a great blog detailing various activities at her shop as well as news on her latest designs. If you’re ever in PDX, stroll into Idom for fashion with a conscience.


2 responses to “Oh Idom

  1. hi there,
    thank you very much for your kind lovely comment about our shop. we are so thrilled that you are enjoying your new necklace. nothing like hearing a wonderful feedback. hope to meet you in person soon. your blog is brilliant and beautiful. it is on our bookmark now. thank you again!

  2. So glad you’ve found Idom! Modi’s designs are so amazing, I’ve been hooked since I first walked into the store. Love the necklace you’ve acquired!

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