Kenny & Zuke’s SandwichWorks

Torta por la manana

Torta por la manana

We dined at Kenny & Zuke’s Sandwich Works, a fairly new establishment on NW Thurman, near 23rd Avenue. It’s an offshoot of the eponymous diner we frequent whenever in the West End. Mao had the torta, a behemoth of a sandwich consisting of scrambled eggs, chorizo, cheese and avocado. I opted for the more vegetarian friendly ratatouille. Both were delicious and for $4.50 for half a sandwich, which could easily be considered a whole in most restaurants, the prices were more than reasonable. NW Thurman is one of our favorite sections of Nob Hill, what with Food Front, Dragonfly Coffee House, and now SandwichWorks. It doesn’t hurt that there’s Big Dan’s West Coast Bento. I’ve not been yet, but the name alone is reason enough to love it.


One response to “Kenny & Zuke’s SandwichWorks

  1. I think these eateries should put you on the payroll! The photos and descriptions are just too tempting and make me want to order one of everything.

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