One of the Best on 23rd

(Image courtesy of Idom)

(Image courtesy of Idom)

Mao and I stopped by Idom last Thursday as part of NW 23rd’s Shop n’ Hop event. We were greeted by owner/designer Modi Soondarotok and over flowing glasses of wine. We sipped and shopped, while I hinted to Mao the numerous items I would love to have should a particular husband feel inclined for a certain spouse’s upcoming birthday. We settled on some economic choices of a Ipod carrier and business card holder from feltbags.

I cannot say enough good things about Modi and her designs. She seamlessly combines a classic aesthetic with a modern sensibility, all while encouraging fair trade and supporting Thai seamstresses. The folks over at Portland Monthly love her as well and wrote a great blurb in September’s issue.

Once I land some fabulous contract as a consulting historian and am rolling in historic research and an actual salary, the first thing I plan on doing is marching the block and a half to Idom and purchasing her Maura dress. In the meantime, I will continue to stare and sigh contentedly at my crocheted necklace.


2 responses to “One of the Best on 23rd

  1. eclectic chic – very you!

  2. you are so kind. thank you so much for supporting our little idom. it was nice to see you again and to meet your husband. thank you very much for your sweet post. see you again soon.
    enjoy the sunshine!

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