Le Pichet


During our day trip to Seattle last month, my absolute favorite place we visited was Le Pichet. It is a tiny French brasserie with a neighborhood feel. It is the type of restaurant one dines in at least once a week, getting to know the owners and staff – some place that seems simultaneously local and European. I have not been able to find any French equivalent in Portland and as far as I am concerned, it is the only the feature that Seattle can hold over us. The ridiculously enormous and modern public library might be in contention as well. But, I will only  admit to the greatness of those two aspects, for dear Portland will forever triumph over the corporate driven, Starbucks obsessed Emerald City.

Forgiving my bourgeois accusations of the rival city, does anyone know of a small, neighborhood French bistro in Portland?


One response to “Le Pichet

  1. Mon dieu, you are returning to your old world roots at last. There was a aura of dominant Asia-philia of late. Let’s hear it for global culinary fusion.

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