An Announcement

I’m leaving Mao. He left me earlier this month when he devoted himself wholly to his football obsessed site mao’s Football. I am having an affair with food writing and photography and due to his straying affection for European sports and men in uniform, I have started Tomatoes on the Vine. We will both still contribute to our wee blog for our few dedicated readers – i.e. Uschi, Melinda and all those folks who stumble upon Bridgetown while searching for “coupe devilles” and “rodeo queens of Multnomah County.”


One response to “An Announcement

  1. I am a prime candidate for a step program…. “Hello, my name is Uschi and I follow anything my ‘big kids’ put in writing.” I have been reading the Bridgetown blog faithfully, as well as twitter and Mao’s football commentary (which might as well be penned in Chinese, btw.) I will now add Tomatoes on the Vine to my list of obsessions – and I am happy about it!

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