The Rest of the Trip

On Monday morning we had to make our way back south to Portland. But before we left town we had to pick up the bicycle mentioned the other day. Having wandered into a bike shop in First Street in Port Angeles, we found a road bike in good shape for sale for just $39. I’ve been looking for a bike to go along with Morgen’s bike that we bought at a yard sale here in town. But instead of having to drop a bunch of cash on one from Craigslist, we nabbed this one instead. Morgen named it Edgar and he rode all the way back from the Olympic Peninsula in our backseat.

bike 1

I was speaking when this photo was taken.

I was speaking when this photo was taken.

Along the way home, in Hoodsport, Washington, we got hungry. Hoodsport is along Hood Canal and has US 101 run right through the middle of it. With an eye out for some local food joint we happened upon Longshore’s Drive-In. Longshore’s was a simple enough place with a picnic tables outside and a counter to order from. Morgen will probably detail the place over on Tomatoes on the Vine, so I won’t get too into it. But it was a nice time eating outside at a local place with a cool breeze. It really put a cap on the trip as we then piled back into the car and drove the final two hours back to Portland.



2 responses to “The Rest of the Trip

  1. Now that you both have bikes you really are Portlandites (??).

  2. Has this been done already? A book on interesting restaurants with critiques along a picturesque route? Y’all seem to have a knack finding such eateries.

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