Another Movie at Cinema 21


Cinema 21 has become a nice outlet in our neighborhood to get out of the heat and see really interesting movies this summer. With the temperatures soaring well beyond seasonal averages on dozens of occasions, the air conditioned theatre has been a godsend on some of the hottest days on record here in Portland.

Last night we made our way over to 21st to see Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, a German movie about the Red Army Faction, or RAF, in Germany in the 1970s. While the film was almost completely in German, there were subtitles to help those of us without a working knowledge of die Deutsche Sprache. The film touched on several familiar events for Americans, namely the disastrous Vietnam war, students protests in the US, Mexico and across Europe in 1968 as well as the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. But more interestingly it gave an interesting perspective into the confusion and political climate of the generation after the Nazis in cold-war Germany.


One response to “Another Movie at Cinema 21

  1. I understand the film handled a very difficult topic in a balanced way.

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