The Portland Horse Project

I had heard rumblings about toy horses existing around town, fastened to the old horse rings found along many of the city’s sidewalks. But it had been a legend until I spotted my first horse near NW 25th and Overton. It was quite the event, followed immediately by a series of twenty photographs documenting said momentous event. This horse is one of dozens, a project started years ago by local artist John Wayne Indiana, the so called the Horse Project. Others have joined in and placed their own horses to various rings in every neighborhood in town. I now am on a mission to locate as many of these animals as I can. Mao may have the old cars, but I get to look a bit crazed staring at the ground in search of tiny plastic horses, eliciting stares of concern and confusion as I photograph my findings while crawling around my hands and knees.


horse at irving

horse at johnson


2 responses to “The Portland Horse Project

  1. That’s bizarre and funny 🙂
    And will you also place a horse there?

  2. Keeping Portland Weird is a local motto; in this situation can we coin the phrase Keeping Portland Enchanting?

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