Nob Hill Bar and Grill


Anyone who has ever wandered up and down NW 23rd Avenue knows that in terms of food and drink, there aren’t a whole lot of local, authentic options. Sure there’s Kornblatt’s or NY Pizza, but for the most part, the commercialism of that particular street has choked out the little guys in favor of Williams Sonoma and Starbucks. But there is a shining beacon of local Portland in the form of Nob Hill Bar and Grill. It sits at the corner of NW 23rd and NW Lovejoy, right where the streetcar turns.

I went there last night to watch Monday Night Football with some friends and was very impressed. It was unpretentious, the service was great and friendly and perhaps most importantly, there wasn’t the constant thumping of artificial hip hop playing as a soundtrack. Instead there were probably fifty people enjoying a few beers or watching the admittedly dreadful football game. Monday’s feature $0.50 tacos and the beer prices were pretty reasonable.

The point is, if you’re looking for somewhere that’s a little more local in flavor and not trying to attract a collar-up crowd, Nob Hill Bar and Grill is worth visiting.


One response to “Nob Hill Bar and Grill

  1. How great to have a neighborhood hangout of the authentic kind.

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