Game Day


With the weather growing colder, the days growing shorter and the rain increasing each week, we decided it was about time to invest in a board game. While shopping at REI for rain coats, Morgen stumbled across the National Parks version of Monopoly. There are several dozen different parks, monuments, battlefields and historic buildings to choose from as you customize the board however you like. We did play for a few hours today with the very predictable result of Morgen thrashing me as the outcome. Hopefully we can also find a copy of Trivial Pursuit.

Editor’s note: Dear Mao neglected to rely the specifics of the thrashing. His ultimate demise came with his landing upon my property of the John Adams household (the former Park Place) and the presence of a ranger’s station (hotel). Rent on such a property totaled $1500. With his current financial state of $28, nine properties and one animal (formerly Railroad card), Mao attempted to mortgage his holdings and sell back his tents (houses). Even with foreclosing upon all of his earnings, he still came up $150 short. Therefore, I triumphed with $2230, fourteen properties, two ranger stations, three animals and both utilities. Mao may chalk up this victory to his poor luck with card and board games, while I know it is due to my sheer brilliance in Monopoly.


One response to “Game Day

  1. Go, Morgen, go Morgen, GO Morgen! Perhaps look for a sports edition to give Mao a chance at victory…

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