The Gilbert Project

I am a bit obsessed with the toy horses strewn about this city, so much I often walk with my eyes focused on the ground, searching for more and more undiscovered horses. This obsession has resulted in a somewhat absurd project, the Gilbert Project, or Gil to those wishing for more informality. Gil was acquired at a local toy store, along with some steel wire to prevent eager children or kleptomania prone adults from pilfering dear Gilbert. Gil shall be fastened to the horse ring outside our apartment building and then monitored to see how long he lasts in the harsh environs of urban Portland before he is kidnapped or mauled. If you live in Northwest, stop by and greet ole Gil.


2 responses to “The Gilbert Project

  1. We are rooting for Gil. May he stand proudly for many years to come!

  2. How fun. I saw only one horse on my visit but was terribly excited when it was pointed out. It will be interesting to see how long Gil survives.

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