Snowy Bridgetown

For the first time since we’ve been here in Portland, the snow came pouring down. As far as we knew, it was totally unexpected. We thought maybe some rain, though it’s been pretty dry over the past few days. But at about 2:15 it started coming down and as of 6:00pm it was still snowing. Here are a few photos from our forays out into the weather. Even this much snow is a big deal here in town as it usually just rains this time of year.


6 responses to “Snowy Bridgetown

  1. Beautiful shots of snow in your town. Reminds me of the three-flooters we had in Vienna and why we moved to Charlotte.

  2. It is just beautiful! I have wonderful childhood memories of fun in the snow, but now I am a tropical creature. “Bloom where you are planted” is a great motto, but I’m not sure I would be a very good ice flower…..

  3. Remembers me of a children song:

    • Na, das ist ja ganz goldig! Ich habe es gleich mitgesungen: “Es schneit, es schneit, nur in Florida gar nie; hier laeuft, hier laeuft man nur mit Wasserschi!”

  4. Funny, that’s exactly what I was reminded of 🙂

  5. Happy New Year’s! Nice reflective slap band too.

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