What We Saw – Cars

As the sun has returned to Portland over the past month the prevalence of old cars has also increased. Here’s a selection of some of the best cars in town. The most interesting of which is the last one.

1963 Dodge Dart 170

1974 Jensen Healey

1973 Volkswagen Squareback Station

1967 Chevrolet II Nova

1974 MGB Roadster

1966 Volvo 122S

1970 Porsche 911T

1957 Volvo PV444

1955 Chevrloet Nomad


9 responses to “What We Saw – Cars

  1. Ah, to an antique car lovers this must be like spotting the first daffodils of spring…. Nicely done!

  2. great stuff! spring is definitely here.

    the jensen healey takes it for me.

  3. That Chevy Nomad was my highlight. I had to take the photo as it drove by while I was waiting for the Yellow Line at Union Station.

  4. loving the split window on the PV444…

  5. Ha! just came upon this, the blue 1957 Volvo 444 is mine! …and in good company is see

  6. Pretty sure this is a 56. 55’s didn’t have teeth on the bumpers.

  7. Ah, excellent. Thanks enilde! I mostly piece the dates together through internet research, so any insight is always welcome. I’m making the change now.

  8. Hello,

    I came across this by accident while doing a google image search on Volvo 122s. I bought the white 122S that you have a picture of above. I bought it from ebay and the seller lied about the condition. He patched the rust you can see in the picture with bondo, but the real rust is in the floors. The person who sold the car to me was flipping it, not the owner who had been driving it.

    Does anyone know the history of that car? I’d love a bit of information on it if somebody knows the previous owner.

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