Lone Fir Cemetery

Lone Fir Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Western United States with the first burial taking place in 1846. The cemetery has been in operation since 1855 and was ultimately named “Lone Fir” because of the single tree on the site at that time. Many of Portland’s founding families are buried among the 25,000 graves on the thirty acres in SE Portland. Earlier this afternoon I took a ride on my bike and ended up at the Lone Fir and snapped a few photos.

James Hawthorne's grave. Hawthorne ran the hospital for the insane on what was then known as Asylum Ave. It's now called Hawthorne Ave.

Beautiful old German graves for the "Kings' or Koenigs in their given names. Must have been pretty early settlers of the Portland area.

Monument to the veterans of the Indian Wars, Mexican-American War, the Civil War and the Spanish-American Wars built in 1903.

A mysterious mausoleum with a broken name plate starting with "MacL"


2 responses to “Lone Fir Cemetery

  1. I have always been interested in old cemeteries and their history but then my father has always been interested in old cemeteries and their history. You must come by it honestly.

  2. Well, on your trip to Europe this summer you can explore beaucoup cemeteries and find unexpected celebrities, both famous and only locally known. It will be extra fun to hear about your discoveries.

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