End of an Era

For the entire first year that we have lived in Portland we could count on one thing, and one thing only: that a Rover TC 2000 would be parked on NW Johnson Street just a few yards west of NW 21st Avenue. From the day we moved in this car had been parked in the exact same spot, even being towed away and placed back in the same spot during the fall street cleaning. That certainty came to a crushing end on April 17, two weeks ago today, as we returned from the farmer’s market on the streetcar and witnessed our favorite car being towed away. Later in the day I tracked it down to a lot on NW Northrup Street. Here is a seasonal history of the Rover for the 2009/10 year:

Summer 2009

Autumn 2009

Winter 2009

Spring 2010


3 responses to “End of an Era

  1. ClassicCarDude

    It’s going to get crushed?
    What a goddamn waste.
    No respect for classic cars these days. All people care about is their bland, enviro-friendly garbage that has no style or soul.

  2. How will people in that neighborhood be able to keep track of the seasons without Rover there to measure time??

  3. glad it’s still in the hood, but i’m stressin now…

    that summer ’09 pic looks car-wash sparkly–wow! thanks for all the documentation. it was worth it.

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