Cars in Europe

Each year in Nürnberg there is a car rally associated with Ofenwerk, a car restoration shop in town. The rally brings cars of all ages and styles to the largest city in Franconia both as a rally and afterwards as a show. We spent nearly two hours perusing the hundreds of cars on display with Morgen’s uncle Jürgen. Here is the first of a multi-part view of those cars:

Jürgen with his 1965 Volvo PV544

1957 Zündapp Janus

1961 Austin Healey Sprite

1963 Austin Healy 3000 MKII

1963 AWE Wartburg 311

1965 Mercedes-Benz 600

1965 Rover 3 Litre

1966 Honda S800

1968 Jaguar Kougar

1969 Ferrari Dino 246GT

1970 Opel Diplomat 5.4

1972 Peugeot 304 Coupe


One response to “Cars in Europe

  1. Dino 246GT rocks!!! Beautiful car!

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