Beers of Central Europe

No visit to Central Europe would be complete without taking advantage of the myriad beer options. From Pilsners (or Pilseners, depending on where you’re getting it) and Kölsch to Schwarzbier, the variety and quality are tops in Europe. Here’s a selection of beers from our two week trip:

Watzke Brauerei Spezial and Pilsener - Dresden

Schöfferhoffer Weizen - Dresden

Halleröder Premium Pilsener - Dresden

St. Norbert's IPA and Amber - Prague

Pilsner Urquell - Prague

Staropramen Pilsner - Prague

Staropramen Granat - Prague

Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf Pilsener - Stegaurach, Germany

Brauerei Rittmayer Rauchbier - Willersdorf, Germany

Krombacher Pilsener - Berlin

Warsteiner Pilsener - Berlin

Jever Pilsener - Berlin

Erdinger Weißbier - Dresden

Bosman Lager - Szczecin, Poland

Okocim Lager - Szczecin, Poland

Żywiec Lager - Szczecin, Poland

Warka Strong - Szczecin, Poland

Radeberger Pilsener - Dresden

Köstrizer Schwarzbier - Dresden


5 responses to “Beers of Central Europe

  1. Now the famous swan-of-Avon quote finally makes sense, “to beer or not to beer, is there really a question”…..

  2. That’s quite a collection! How long were you there??

  3. How many of beer glasses pictured made the return trip?

  4. Haha, none! Whether that was because I no longer do that or because carrying a pack instead of a suitcase made it impractical, we’ll never know 🙂

  5. If you really tried all these different beers in Szczecin – a German beerdrinker would comment:

    RESPEKT !! –

    must have been quite a challenge!

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