Jürgen’s Volvo

Morgen’s uncle Jürgen has several old, interesting cars. One of them is his 1965 Volvo PV544. We took a ride down to Nürnberg and got to check out all of the really cool features. The best of which is the 1967 Swedish registration tag, still on the inside of the passenger-side door.


3 responses to “Jürgen’s Volvo

  1. Collecting old cars seems way more interesting and user friendly than say stamp collecting!

  2. only 41,970 kilometers on the vehicle or is that 141,970 or 241,970?

  3. It’s at least 141,970 and I think Jürgen said that it might have even rolled over twice. Still, it ran really well and was a great ride as a passenger. We had the windows down on the Autobahn on a nice summer day. Can’t beat that!

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