Quick Trip Up The Gorge

Yesterday afternoon we had a few hours to kill between appointments, so we spent the time driving east along the Columbia River Gorge. Our brief foray took us only as far as Cascade Locks, Oregon but also included a drive along the famous Historic Highway 30, also known as the Columbia River Highway. We had lunch at the Pacific Crest Pub in Cascade Locks before heading back west on the historic, winding highway, past a half-dozen waterfalls, to the Vista House, high above the Columbia. The whole trip took less than two hours and we were back in Portland in time for our German class.


3 responses to “Quick Trip Up The Gorge

  1. Alright, another destination to add to my list of “Portland To Dos”. The views look very fine.

  2. We missed the Pacific Crest Pub in Cascade Locks – I’m sure it was better than the Char-Burger where we ate, but probably not as bizarre. We really enjoyed the Bonneville Dam (and fish ladders) as well.

  3. We’ve heard of the Char-Burger, but were interested in the horse radish available at the Pacific Crest Pub. We got a 16oz jar to bring home!

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