What We Saw – Cars

As we wonder further afield on the east side we’ve found even more interesting cars and trucks. Here’s a selection from the past few weeks.

1946 Chevrolet Half-Ton Flatbed Truck

1951 Ford F1 Truck

1961 Studebaker Wagonaire Daytona

1963 Chevrolet Bel Air

1965 Ford Thunderbird

1967 Chrysler Newport

1970 Buick Electra Limited 4-door

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1982 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 25 Balocco SE


3 responses to “What We Saw – Cars

  1. The old pick-ups are cool! Makes me want to restore them to their rightful glory – they should be in pictures….

  2. Studebaker Wagonaire Daytona! Having grown up in South Bend, where Studebakers were made, I saw more than my share of Studies. But I have never been fortunate enough to come upon one of these.

  3. Okay, I’ll make this brief since I am probably boring you as much as a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” episode. This 1961 Studebaker Wagonaire Daytona is a 1963 model. I know that the chrome around the headlights doesn’t curve downward like I said in my last post was a definite give-away for ’63, but for some reason Studebaker kept the chrome straight on its wagons that year. You can tell it is a 1963 because that was the only year with that grill that the side chrome trim was completely straight. All previous years the side chrome trim had some sort of dip in it. Also, if it had the name Wagonaire on it then it had to be a 1963 because that is the first year Studebaker used that name. Some Wagonaires had a slide in rear roof panel that made the car sort of like a pickup. They are very rare. Now to get really nitpicky, the proper way to label it would be a 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona Wagonaire. Again, happy holidays!

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