Only in Portland

Only in Portland can you set up a double-decker bus in an open space, fill it with clothing and open for business, without anyone thinking it’s strange:


5 responses to “Only in Portland

  1. I suspect you could set up a dentist’s office, beauty salon, or psychotherapist in that fashion, and nobody would think it strange…. Love Portland!

  2. Where’s that located? I’m a fellow Portlander…

  3. This is a fine old Bristol “Lodekka”, made in the UK, probably around 1964. The Bristol company made planes, some pretty exclusive cars, plus lorries and buses. The name comes from the fact that this bus was about six inches lower than the typical fourteen foot six of most double deckers, and hence useful wherever there were low railway bridges – very common in Britain.

  4. Mark, it’s the corner of N Williams and N Failing. Across from Pix and Fifth Quadrant.

  5. Daniel, thanks for that info. Very cool.

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