What We Saw – Cars

Not quite as many cars as usual this month, though it’s not unusual for that to be the case in January. Some gems found this month:

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Truck

1963 Plymouth Valiant

1963 Volvo 122S

1968 Citroen DS-21 Pallas

1971 Porsche 914

1973 Datsun 510 Wagon

1976 Plymouth Volare Premier Wagon

1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup - Also Known As Volkswagen Caddy Outside the US


61 responses to “What We Saw – Cars

  1. Do you think the Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup is beefy enough to take to Texas? Wouldn’t want to be laughed off the ranch….

  2. Love that Citroen. Straight out of Joe 90.

  3. Cars like these (Save the pickup from 1980) make me nostalgic even though I wasn’t around when they were made.


  4. is it just me, or does the 1963 plymouth look REAL similar to what wayne arnold drove in wonder years?

  5. Ever been to Reno, Nevada during Hot August Nights? Cars like these (and many more) are on every corner. Very cool…

  6. Ahh, these aren’t the best of cars, but some great classics at least to say. Good post.

  7. The Citroen reminds me of being a kid in Berlin. Nice post, congrats on FP

  8. I love old cars, especially ones that aren’t too refurbished… The little bits of body rot, dents, and stains make the car much more attractive than the shiniest new “retro-chic” paint.

    Nice pics.

  9. I think I like the Valiant the best. You hardly saw any of this body style still on the road, even during my 1970s kidhood. But then again, I grew up in northern Indiana, and rust was cruel.

  10. Old cars are nice and I agree I like old cars that can be driven around not the showcase cars that need the climate controlled garages that are just for show…no fun!

  11. Love these old cars, did you just come across them in your travels?

  12. I love that the 1973 Datsun 510 Wagon made the list. So many people had a datsun as their first car back in the day. Its often the most simple blogs that are the best. Good work, keep it coming

  13. Some old Soviet cars like Volgas for example look similar to old American ones, which shows how good were the Soviet constructors in plagiarism 🙂

  14. The Volvo has to be my favorite! Fab colour and reminds me of my childhood… :o)

  15. I’ve always been partial to the Gremlin. Too bad you didn’t spot any of those around town!

  16. Great looking chevy truck, definitely don’t see one of those every day. Great finds!

  17. GREAT!!!You got me with the Citroen..Almost gave birth to our daughter in a black and white citroen…..Oh, how I did love that car!!!

    • Haha, it’s funny you say that. Two months ago, a couple gave birth to their baby daughter in a Kia Opirus. Two weeks later, there’a a picture of them with a salesman handing over to them a FREE Kia Opirus. Can’t say that they’re lucky can you?

  18. Oooooh, I want that aqua Volvo! I attended a classic car festival last summer in Victoria, BC and was in absolute heaven, surrounded by cars from the 1920s to the 1960s. My favorite was a Ford pickup truck from the 1940s.

    Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

    Bet you can’t wait (?) to see Portlandia on TV this week.

  19. I had no idea they made a Rabbit pickup!

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  21. that first truck is exactly the kind I want.

  22. Beautiful. And congratulations on being freshly pressed. The 3100, Valiant, and Volare (Contare!) are my favorites.

  23. The Citroën DS is my all time favorite.

  24. I love those older pick up trucks. They seemed to have more “style.” Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  25. I think I’ve seen one of those Rabbits painted a pale pinkish purple color. 🙂 Cool cars on a whole though. My favorites are the Valient and the Volvo.

  26. Love the Volvo. Not sure why. Maybe because it’s not quite as boxy as the more modern ones? Certainly the color — that is a great green w/ alot of blue in it. Not a color you see any more but one I’d love to have in a car. Thanks for these photos — older vehicles are so cool to look at.

  27. I love the truck, but my husband would totally love the wagon. Very Cool!

  28. Prestigious site, thanks for the post… I suggest NotitiAE too… at this link:

  29. I love the 1963 Volvo. Such classic cars!!

  30. All but 2 are horrible! Which 2 aren’t?

    Well for me one would definately be the Volvo. Makes a good reputation for being one of the hardest bodied or strongest carsto date. A perfect classic gentlemans car, and even today, it still it.

    The other being the Datsun 510 wagon. I cannot believe how no one has credited such an amazing car. It obviously comes as a variation of the Datsun SSS 510 ’69 (series of the Nissan Bluebird), which was also a rally car, and one of the greatest ever due to it’s triumph in 1970.

    In all honesty, American cars are nowhere as reliable as the 2 i’ve mention. French cars have never been so reliable until as of 2002 when they made the Renault Megane II.

    • Pratik,

      I have no doubt that some of the cars on here were absolutely awful to drive and own. But the fact that they are still used today and parked on the street for anyone to see is pretty cool and really the point of my posting.

  31. I have a Megane Scenic: it is wonderful it has 130000 miles on the clock, and we have gigged the length and breadth of Italy in the ‘shed’, as it it is known affectionately…. love it

  32. Cool old cars, love the photos!

  33. There’s an 80’s Porsche in my neighborhood for sale….it looks incredible…if only i wouldve graduated on time from college…

  34. Thanks to everyone who’s commented! For more interesting cars parked in Portland, check out the archives. I’ve been posting them since the summer of 2009: https://bridgetownblog.wordpress.com/tag/cars/

  35. Cool cars.. thanks for sharing!

  36. I am so loving the 1963 Volvo 122S … now that’s my kind of car! Awesome photos.

  37. Real gems. Very sexy cars. My favorite is the truck.

  38. I like such these car with old sharp~

  39. those are awesome cars. i love the colors… especially the mint green one. its pretty, and looks even prettier on a car. :] congrats on being freshly pressed!

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  41. ohh good
    1976 Plymouth Volare Premier Wagon

  42. 1963 Plymouth Valiant very elegant .

  43. Amazing collection…. good job!

  44. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. I enjoyed reading your “What We Saw” posts so much that I have borrowed the phrase to start some posts with my own observations of stuff in my home town.

    Keep up the great work and enjoying Portland.

  45. Very nice collection. Porsche 914 and Citroen DS-21 Pallas very extravagant cars.

  46. I like this old cars, and i always wanted to buy one, but when i’m thinking about how the engine is made, and how much they consume…the wish disappears…

  47. I definitely love Vintage cars, they got their own special looks..

  48. Love the look and feel of the Vintage cars 🙂

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  50. 58 comments??? nicely done, mao. don’t think i recognize any of these. woodgrain volare takes it for me.

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