Crawfish Boil

Morgen has been pining for a crawfish boil for months, so we finally drove out to SE 82nd Avenue with our friends Joey and Mallory to try the crawfish at My Brother’s Crawfish. We were not disappointed, though we did make a collective mess. The crawfish were of varying sizes but we all got the same dish, one pound of crawfish, with the same broth. Morgen and Mallory were wise and also got side orders of bread to dip in the broth throughout. Meanwhile, we all shared fried green tomatoes and hushpuppies. It was a little taste of New Orleans in SE Portland on Sunday evening. Here are a few shots of the before and after:


3 responses to “Crawfish Boil

  1. How tempting! My favorite pastime: Play with the food, eat the food! A little reminder of Maryland crab feasts, as well.

  2. Looks good – I’m jealous. Melinda is nauseous.

  3. It was really good! Lots of work though. Much easier to eat crab.

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