Vintage Baseball at Fort Vancouver

On Saturday, Morgen and I joined our friends Holli and Amy to watch Vintage Baseball at Fort Vancouver. Morgens’ co-worker (and Holli’s husband) Val was playing in the game, as he does every year. The game is a reenactment of sorts, of a baseball game that was played in 1867 between Sherman’s army and the local team, the Vancouver Occidentals. Both sides dress up in period appropriate attire and play by the rules in place in 1867. So, no gloves, a batter’s fly ball caught off of one bounce is still an out, etc. Of the several hundred fans in attendance, most had picnic dinners or at the very least lawn chairs or blankets to watch. The weather was perfect, temperatures in the mid-70s with a nice breeze. Here are a few images of Val, the Occidentals and Sherman’s army:

Val 'Steamboat' Ballestrem, not posing

The cannon in the background fired a blank to signal the first pitch

The Vancouver Occidentals

Val, mid-game

Occidentals and their coach, postgame

Both teams posed for the barely-invented technology of photographs

Morgen with our spread at the game


One response to “Vintage Baseball at Fort Vancouver

  1. You Portland people have more fun! Again, perfect combination, food, fine weather, fetching visuals. Good way to spend an afternoon.

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