A Day in San Francisco

Morgen and I drove all the way to San Jose, California for the Portland Timbers soccer match against San Jose Earthquakes. We put in about eight hours on Friday night and then drove the remaining three Saturday morning. After a day filled with Timbers history-related meetings we went to the game, a 1-1 draw at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara. On Sunday we drove the hour north to San Francisco, parked the car and walked the city. We had breakfast and coffee in Little Italy, lunch in Chinatown and dinner in the hidden French district, with baseball, beer, Lombard Street and hills in between. On Monday we got up, had breakfast and drove eleven hours back to Portland. Here are a few photos of the weekend to prove it actually happened:

View from below the famed block of Lombard Street

And the view back down from the top

Two of my favorite buildings in San Francisco

From the base of the TransAmerica Building

A closer view of the best building in San Francisco

A peek up Grant Street in Chinatown

The Ferry Building and one of the many fantastic streetcars

Willie Mays Gate at AT&T Park

Giants v Phillies - Botton of the 4th inning

And our hotel on Mason Street

Morgen with Chris Dangerfield's shorts from the 1975 Timbers season


3 responses to “A Day in San Francisco

  1. very cool, but how do these pictures prove that you were there – neither you nor Morgen are in any of them 🙂

  2. Ha, very true. I’ll post one of Morgen, though it’s not in front of any buildings.

  3. San Fran is so much fun: France, China, Italy all in one culinary day. Sounds like you enjoyed every minute.

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